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We’re going to take a crack at making our own list of 50 Influential Staten Islanders under 50. But we need your help. We obviously don’t know everyone on this island. But with our powers combined, we can find them all!

Humpback Whale by the Verrazano Bridge

This clip is about two months old at this point, but based on the view count I’m assuming that most of you haven’t seen it. Back in may, YouTube user Holly Bosshard posted this clip of a Humpback Whale breaching with a view of the Verrazano Bridge in the background.

Watch as this NYC couple exchanged their marital vows aboard the Staten Island Ferry.

Experience the SI Ferry from the comfort of your own home.

Staten Island Pridefest is an eight day celebration of solidarity through pride, produced by the SI LGBT Pride Center.

July 4th, it happens once a year for most of us. The day that we became independent, also rightly known as Independence Day. This memorial holiday is hard to mess up for yourself. It’s easy to have a good day just going right out into the backyard and enjoying the nice summer air, maybe even a hot dog or seven. You aren’t chained to your own houses though, especially if you’re around the Staten Island area.

Ok, so the Staten Island we all know and love, the fifth and forgotten borough of the city of New York, is not the only Staten Island in the world. In fact, it’s not the only Staten Island in the Americas. Crazy, right?

This past weekend Kristin had the pleasure of attending “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in High Rock Park. The show was directed by Frank Williams (who you might recognize from Staten Island’s premier jug band, the Wahoo Skiffle Crazies) and had an ensemble cast of highly talented actors and musicians.

Do you agree? Think it looks more like a different type of clothing?

Yet another Staten Island Gem that many of us are unaware of, “The Seguine House or The Seguine Mansion” is a Nineteenth Century Working Estate in a Twentieth First Century New York City.