Eat This Way on Bay

Everyone needs a little comfort food every once in a while. Occasionally, you need to find that comfort food away from the comfort of home. Luckily, Staten Island Advance reporter Anthony DePrimo traversed our island in search of Staten’s most comforting meals.

This afternoon, The Staten Island Advance reported that Greg Fosdal the owner of the island’s Daddy-O’s franchises has plans to open up a Jose Tejas (the regional tex-mex favorite) on the north shore of Staten Island. As with all news, good and bad, people took to twitter to react. Here are some of our favorite reactions.

The North Shore of Staten Island is home of great pizza. Newcomer, Paulies Pizzeria, located at 500 Bay Street serves hot, delicious thin-crust pizzas, calzones, rolls, pasta dishes and has opened Errigo’s their full service restaurant next door.

The North Shore of Staten Island is known for its rich history & historic architecture. Three of the Event Spaces, The Great Hall in Snug Harbor, Alice Austen House & Edgewater Hall are located in historic buildings and three are set in urban settings, Overspray, 5050 Skatepark & Flagship Brewery.

In the mood for something raw from Dock’s Clam Bar on a crisp fall afternoon? How about slice of Valducci’s pizza or a hot soup served courtesy of the Soup Nazi? You can find all that at the inaugural Staten Island Food Truck Festival from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 24 and 25, in Tompkinsville

The Jersry City Restaurant Crawl will be’ first Semi-Annual Crawl. The Jersey City Crawl will be hosted on Sunday, October 4th from 1-6pm. From 5-6pm a mix and mingle will be held in order for participants in the event to vote for their favorite restaurant from the Crawl.

Zagat at Denino's Pizza

East Village pizza haven, GG’s has staten Island roots. Their executive chef, Bobby Hellen, brought the Zagat culinary experts back to his hometown of Staten Island to show how famed Staten Island pizzerias Denino’s and Joe & Pats inspired the menu at GG’s.

Julian Gaxholli’s New Orleans themed restaurant Bayou, was visited by Fox NY in one of their “The Dish” segments. The popular segment highlights notable eateries around New York City, and attempts to introduce New Yorkers to new and interesting fare.

South Beach Restaurants continue to impress. Here is a look at some of the oldest and best restaurants on Staten Island. Italian cuisine & lots of seafood is served to perfection with an ocean breeze on & near the beach.

The North Shore of Staten Island has been home to great beers for over 150 years. Today you can find great beer at Abode Blues, The Craft House & Flagship Brewery.