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Photos From The Fall 2014 North Shore Restaurant Crawl


On Sunday, September 21st, the North Shore Restaurant Crawl was held, which featured over 20 eateries and led hungry crawlers up and down Bay Street and surrounding neighborhoods of the North Shore of Staten Island. The Restaurant Crawl concept was created by Ettore Mazzei & his love Rebecca Heflin.

Restaurant Crawls take place on Sunday’s from 1 to 5pm and a mix and mingle takes place afterwards from 5 to 7pm. Guests get to enjoy tastings from as many as 25 Restaurants for a ticket price of $25. So often we do not get to visit all the Restaurants in our Neighborhood because of time constraints: Restaurant Crawl handles time constraints. On a leisurely Sunday afternoon you can enjoy as many Restaurants as you can Crawl to.

Restaurants get to express themselves to several hundred guests in the day, many that never had the time to visit and of course once they see and meet the staff, taste the food, they are inclined to go back.

Below is a gallery of photos from the event:

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