The College of Staten Island

You probably haven’t ever seen Staten Island’s iconic St. George Ferry Terminal from this perspective

The College of Staten Island Observatory is located on the College of Staten Island Campus. Go take a gander, you’ll see things you’ve never seen before. The observatory is open to the general public and college community approximately once per week during the Fall, Spring and Summer Sessions and on special celestial events. There is no charge but donations are always appreciated.

To Transcend is to go “beyond limits of ordinary experience”, go beyond the world of materialization and tangibility. This was the theme of this year’s student art exhibition at the College of Staten Island. As I walked into the show, I was approached by a professor and a student discussing an art exhibit on the wall. The professor looked at me and kindly whispered, “You can walk through, but only five minutes, I am giving a final”.

From the depths of Youtube, this week we bring you something very special: a 1988 archival film showcasing the historical context of various styles of homegrown music on Staten Island and the legacies of some of these famous styles, artists, and traditions. Some of which still continue to this day.