Life This Way on Bay

Staten Island’s Richmond City Media, hit the New Dorp Comic Con this weekend and documented their experience with the comic fans and cosplayers alike. In the beautifully produced clip above, viewers can join RCM’s Matthew Provenzano as he makes a round at the con.

Kristin was able to visit this beautiful park this weekend for the “Bird Day Festival”. However ,she didn’t know that I was going to encounter more deer than birds and “word in the news” is that deer are on their way to being spayed soon.

Staten Island Tibetan Museum

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art was founded in 1945 to foster the interest, study and research of the art and culture of Tibet and its surrounding regions. The museum collects and preserves art, ethnographic objects, books, and photographs. The archivers interpret their collection through exhibits, education programs and publications.

A hot-spot for urban exploration on Staten Island, the abandoned farm colony in Seaview has been documented more times than we can list. With the planned transformation of the space into condos in the near future, we’re sure to see a bevy of new clips like the one above which sees Untapped Cities visit the eerie grounds.

An interactive map on allows users to hover over each zip code in the city, revealing how much money has been raised for each of the 2016 presidential hopefuls.

We all know that Staten Island is a great place to grow up. While those from Brooklyn and Manhattan might disagree, there’s plenty of people from plenty walks of life breathing life into Staten Island’s cultural scene.

This week’s episode of Vin Forte’s ‘Any Time’ podcast features an interview with Will Ellis of Abandoned NYC, a blog where Ellis searches out the “weirdness, wildness, and mystery” of New York City. The urban explorer often times finds himself on our little island, because we have many interesting abandoned properties upon our shores. In the episode, Will and Vin discuss Staten Island’s abandoned Farm Colony, Will encountering a goat on Arthur Kill Road, and more.

Last winter was particularly nasty, with many snow storms falling on New York City and its surrounding counties at an alarming rate. With the temperatures reaching record lows and salt being spread, potholes became wide spread.

It’s now February, so you know what that means… it’s time for Staten Island Chuck to let us know how much longer we’ll have to bear this brutal winter. On Tuesday February 2nd, our beloved Chuck will let the world know.

Today we have a mesmerizing video showing a time-lapse of snow accumulating in Grant City. The clip, produced by Staten Islander Damian Thomas of Dog and Pony Show, shows the snowfall from 8am to 9pm on Saturday, January 23rd.