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Watch Staten Island Arts Showcase Local Creative And Artistic Establishments

Staten Island Arts is always looking for new ways to showcase creative, fun, and artistic establishments on Staten Island. This recent video by BRICbrooklyn features Executive Director Elizabeth Bennett & Deputy Director Gena Mimozo traversing a few spots around the North Shore that showcase how vibrant and unique Staten Island’s culture can be.

It used to be that Staten Island had quite a stigma about it from years of being used as MTV’s reality show farm team. But there was always a rich culture just beyond what the rest of America was seeing. Over the past ten years, and gentrification be dammed, that culture is still making itself known; louder than ever; recent spots and local institutions alike.

You could use this video alone to plan an entire Saturday afternoon. Start your day by grabbing some coffee and a few books at Everything Goes Book Cafe, then take a class at SI Makerspace, head on over to Lakruwana for some divine Sri Lanken food, pop over to Hypnotronic Comics to check out their extremely eclectic range of sci-fi goods, then wrap things up with some local beers at Flagship Brewery.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.

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