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WATCH: Classic “I Love Lucy” Episode Filmed on the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry has played host to many film sets and impromptu viral videos over the years. So, it should come as no surprise that the ferry was once featured on an episode of I Love Lucy. In the show’s fifth season, Lucy, Ricky, and their friends Ethel and Fred, are planning a boat trip to Europe. Fred is afraid of getting seasick during their vacation, so Lucy offers to take Fred for a ride on the ferry as practice.

The classic television series took place in New York, and although Staten Island was even less accessible while the show was on the air, it’s an excellent homage to New York City living and the fifth borough.

You can read more about the episode on the Ultimate Lucy Wiki, here.

Editor’s Note: You may notice that this video is cropped strangely. You see, technically, YouTubers are not allowed to upload copyrighted materials to the site. Some tricksters will alter the video so the masses can still enjoy ol‘ Lucy on the computer screen.

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