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WATCH: Amazing Staten Island Christmas Light Display

The Christmas season is one of the best times of the year. Everyone gets a little bit happier, families come together, and you get to both give and receive presents. Above everything else are the decorations. Both the inside and outside of people’s homes become coated with bright lights and beautiful displays of Christmas cheer. People find pride in putting up their holiday tree and garnishing it with an array of ornaments.

One of the best parts of the holiday season, for me, is cruising around the suburban area of the city looking for Christmas decorations that are nice on the eyes. People can get so creative with their holiday lights display. Hershey Park in Pennsylvania even offers a service where you drive through acres of land that are coated in Christmas lights, called Hershey Sweet Lights.

One house on Staten Island stands out more than most and that’s the house on the corner of Kingdom Avenue and Algonkin Street, which is located in the Huguenot area of Staten Island, 10312. Staten Island YouTuber, Jaclyn Yasmin, has put up a short montage video of the house so you can see it for yourself right from the comfort of your own home! The decorations on the house are in memory of the homeowners Father and Grandfather and they accept donations that go towards Alzheimer’s disease.

The house is dressed with a magnificent collection of bright and beautiful lights as well as a garage full of even more decorations. The garage is fitted with a clear plate that allows you to peer inside and get your fill.

Jaclyn Yasmin’s YouTube channel is filled with helpful vlogs and videos for people with children. Her YouTube Channel has this to say about her main goal:

“I started making pregnancy videos when I began youtube and now make more videos I enjoy as a wife and mother such as vlogs, tutorials, DIY’s, routines, day in the life’s, pregnancy videos, unboxings, and FUN TAGS!!”

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