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Blast From The Past: Staten Island Video Billboard From 1992

This past March, Matt from Dinosaur Dracula uploaded a video as part of his ongoing Retro Commercials series that I would absolutely classify as a “gem.” Especially given how so many of us hold old local cable footage so near and dear.

The video is a clip of a 1992 Staten Island Video Billboard. The SIVB (no one called it that) was a local cable channel that would display community events and local ads in a visual style akin to the UK’s old teletext service. With graphics that can only be described as MS Paint-y.

The Video Billboard service hd everything from ads:

To friendly notices:

And even the ferry schedule:

Click the video below to watch the whole thing and then head on over to Dino Drac for an absolute treasure trove of nostalgic videos and photo essays.

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