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How The Billion Oyster Project Will Help Staten Island’s Shoreline

This past Wednesday, a reef of oysters was placed into Lemon Creek Park as a part of the Living Breakwaters Project designed to mitigate waves and erosion as part of safety plans put in place after Hurricane Sandy. This aspect of the project is known as The Billion Oyster Project.

According to the Staten Island Advance, the Living Breakwaters Project is:

Expected to be complete by 2021, and will consist of a system of about 3,200 linear feet of nearshore breakwaters, sand replenishment between Manhattan Street and Loretto Street, oyster restoration and an educational building.

That oyster restoration serves to create and promote organic restoration of the shoreline’s protection as new oysters grow on top of existing ones, helping to stop erosion and cut into waves that pass through the shoreline.

You can read more about the Billion Oyster Project here and watch the video below to see the oyster reef being put into place.

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