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Staten Island Arts Culture Lounge In The Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Staten Island Arts Culture Lounge

Earlier this year, Staten Island Arts, an organization whose focus is on cultvating and spotlighting artist on the forgotten borough, moved into an excellent new space found inside the Staten Island Ferry terminal on the Staten Island Side.

Staten Island Arts’ Culture Lounge at the St. George Ferry Terminal is a meeting place and project space.

Culture Lounge exhibits both international and local artists, including visual artists, poets, musicians, writers, and performers. The focus is on artistic projects that are place-based–examining local communities, helping people consider their environs in new ways, exploring how neighborhoods might be more livable and sustainable, and/or creating ways visitors can become more socially engaged.

As presenters, Staten Island Arts is interested in building a bridge between the viewing audience and artists–creating a cultural experience for the nearly 75,000 Staten Island Ferry passengers who go through the ferry terminal each day (over 21 million people a year). The goal is to turn passengers into participants — engaging them with art, and inspiring them to venture past the terminal and into the cultural hotspots found all over the island.

To learn how to pitch a show, rent the space, sell your work, or simply help out, you can visit the organization’s official website, here.

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