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WATCH: Local YouTubers Climb Huge Tanks In Rossville

If you live around the South Shore of Staten Island, you’ve most definitely seen the big, oversized, abandoned LNG tanks that have been a sight for sore eyes for the community of Rossville for close to five decades. For generations and generations, children of various ages have been sneaking into the development the tanks lay on and climbing them to the top. I have personally climbed to the top of one of the tanks myself and I’m here to say – it’s a fun time.

Local YouTubers, Tom And Greg, who have been uploading videos exploring abandoned and interesting areas of Staten Island for the past few weeks, have personally climbed to the top of those tanks and recorded the entire ordeal, which you can watch above.

The tanks themselves have been subject to a few back and forths between the State Department of Environmental Conservation and Chaim Babad, the property owner. Babad is interested in tearing the tanks down and constructing new and practical in their place.

Full disclaimer – climbing the towers is all well and fun but unless you’re interested in hurting yourself it is highly recommended that you avoid climbing and scaling them at all costs. In the interest of your own personal safety!

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