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LISTEN: Louis CK’s Full Set From The St. George Theater in 2011

Recently, a video surfaced online containing the full hour long audio from comedian Louis CK’s 2011 show at the St. George Theater.

The show was a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, many of whom were given free tickets to the show. The material from that night would go on to make up the majority of his special ‘Oh My God.’

While much of the material might not be new to his fans, there are a few bits that didn’t make the cut as well as some fun little nods near the end to the resilience of SI and the, shall we say, passionate attitude of some of our elected officials at the time.

It’s just a small shame the recording omits CK’s surprise opening act that night, his friend Chris Rock, who came out and did a few minutes ribbing Staten Island and warming up an already excited crowd.

Buy Louis CK’s albums and march over at Louisck.com. Support the St. George Theater by checking out a show over at their upcoming schedule page.

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