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A Stitch In Time: Steven Gargiulo’s Staten Island LGBT Center Art Exhibit


The Staten Island LGBT Center holds monthly art exhibitions and workshops for those interested in art by the community. This month’s show was also part of the Second Saturday Staten Island art walk and a delightful potluck dessert event was planned. Artists brought along not only dessert, but their personal portfolio for critique and networking opportunities.

For those of you who have not seen the latest art exhibit at the Staten Island LGBT Center, there is still time left before the show closes on April 30th.

The current exhibit, “A Stitch In Time”, is a retrospective of Steven Gargiulo’s mixed media work. His acrylics on canvas with thread and other embellishments carried the eyes and heart of this humble artist through an emotional exchange felt deeply within the soul. From angst and depression all the way to self acceptance, Gargiulo’s time consuming pieces remind the viewer of the delicate balance one must attain in order too experience true happiness. Each piece evokes this balance through the stitched pieces set in place.

In the artists words: “‘A Stitch in Time’ is a collection of pieces that I have worked on over years. The central theme deals with overwhelming emotions and how to cope. My early works were done during a time of depression in my teens, when I was first coming to terms with my own sexual orientation. As time went on I learned to express myself through my art as a means to vent. My newer pieces are a reflection of self acceptance, and growth through time.”

The show is open to the public during Center hours, Monday – Friday from 1 to 8 PM, through April 30th.

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