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Shouts Outs, Big-Ups, & Love: 10 Staten Island Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of

If these 10 Staten Island songs don’t make you take a trip down memory lane, nothing will. From the greatest songs of rock’n’roll times to modern hip hop classics, these tracks are either about the best of Richmond County, or they shout it out — but either way, Staten Island finally gets its due thanks to these 10 classic songs.

Joni Mitchell’s “Song For Sharon” Is One Of The Greatest Staten Island Songs

In 1976, Joni Mitchell committed these lyrics to wax: “I went to Staten Island, Sharon/To buy myself a mandolin/ And I saw the long white dress of love/ On a storefront mannequin/ Big boat chuggin’ back with a belly full of cars/ All for something lacy/Some girl’s going to see that dress/ And crave that day like crazy”

Take a listen below.

Billy Joel — “Everybody Loves You Now”

Long Island native Billy Joel frequently shouts out different New York landmarks in his classic songs. And the 1971 hit from his debut album, Cold Spring Harbor, is no exception. Take a listen to it below.

Cole Porter — “A Picture of Me Without You” — one of the earliest songs with a Staten Island shoutout

In 1935, Cole Porter was one of the hottest artists of his time. And in his “A Picture of Me Without You,” he specifically talks about SINY — and the ferry! Take a listen to it below.

Biohazard — “Urban Discipline”

This 1992 track from the thrash-metal forefathers didn’t pull any punches or waste any time in name-checking the greatest borough in New York City. Considering they got their start playing North Shore clubs in the 1980s and 1990s, it shouldn’t be too surprising. Take a listen to it below.

MC Lyte — “Big Bad Sister”

Remember the 1990s? MC Lyte certainly does. Staten Island, STAND UP!

Johnny McEvoy — “Staten Island”

The name says it all — and the native of Ireland loves this part of New York the best.

Bob Dylan — “Hard Times In New York Town”

Obviously, Dylan was talking about a very different New York City than the one in existence today, but this is clearly one of the greatest Staten Island songs of all time.

Beastie Boys — “An Open Letter To NYC”

In 2004, the original Brooklyn bad boys of hip hop dropped a love letter to the City That Never Sleeps, and yes, Staten Island was checked in the verse.

The Entire Wu-Tang Clan Catalogue

If you ever needed the definitive example of “Staten Island songs,” the entire Wu-Tang Clan catalogue is a perfect place to start.


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