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Young Lucid Premieres “She Love It” Video shot At Eve Ultra Lounge

Young Lucid - She Love It

Young Lucid is a teen emcee from Staten Island, who blends no nonsense lyrics with keen wordplay & melodic hooks into a diverse style that is bound to shake the game. The first single off of his new album, “Lucid Dreams”, is sure to be played in clubs throughout Staten Island. For now Lucid is enjoying having his song played on 90.3 WESS, a college radio station in Pennsylvania that has won the MTV Woodie award for best college radio station two years in a row.

“She Love It” is all about having a good time and finding that one special lady. And although Lucid does not find his special lady, Elaine Kristal, who sings the hook on “She Love It”, does. The video has LGBT themes, but does them in an effortless way. When the woman who has caught Lucid’s eye turns out to be into Elaine, Lucid doesn’t bat an eye, he allows Elaine to get her girl. But don’t feel bad for Lucid, he ends the night with a girl on each arm.

The video was filmed by local production company, Shadow and Sound, which comprises of This Way on Bay’s Alexandra Nyman and Staten Island born Director of Photography, Sebastian Barbera. The video was shot in the Eve Ultra Lounge, located off of Arthur Kill Road. Check out the dynamic duo of Elaine and Lucid in the video below.

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