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Watch Bobo Touch’s New Video for ‘Line Cutters’


Staten Island native and filmmaker Mike Rizzo and Brooklyn singer/songwriter Brian Bonz have spent the last few years moonlighting as Bobo Touch; silent guardians of New York City etiquette. Producing various music videos decrying everything from texting & walking to subway creeps.

Now Bobo Touch are back with a new video putting pesky line cutters on full-blast. The video lampoons the musical style of 80s “cool” rock. While the jokes hit hard and fast, with several exceptional uses of the words “jerk-off” and “herb.” All culminating in a plea to be more like Lenny Kravitz.

If you are confused, I don’t much blame you. But one watch and I’m certain that these young men will win their way into your heart with their earnest love of NYC and a burning desire to see proper decorum rule the day.

Vin Forte
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