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WATCH: Beautifully Edited Lyric Video For Method Man’s “50 Shots”

Fans of Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan rejoice because there’s a new, beautifully edited lyric video for Method Man’s song 50 Shots, off of his last album The Meth Lab. The track features Mack Wilds, Streetlight, and Cory Gunz. The video features the lyrics of the song blended together with gorgeous animation that flows just as well as the song.

It’s just a fact that if you live on Staten Island, you know who the Wu-Tang Clan are. And if you know who the Wu-Tang Clan are then you know who Method Man is. In August of 2015, Method Man, one of the original members of Wu-Tang, released a studio album titled The Meth Lab that was actually recorded in Staten Island at Track Stars Studios, which is located on Van Duzer Street in the Stapleton part of the island.

50 Shots is one of nineteen songs off of The Meth Lab and if you haven’t listened already, you’d be doing yourself a favor to give it a go.

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