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WATCH: 8 Things You Might Not Know About Impractical Jokers

If you’re a regular reader of This Way on Bay, you’ve more than likely spotted the Impractical Jokers popping up now and again. If you don’t know, the Impractical Jokers, aka The Tenderloins, are a Staten Island comedy group consisting of four lifelong friends who try their best to embarrass each other on their TruTV television show, which is going into its sixth season.

This past June, a video shedding light on eight interesting facts you might not have known about the Jokers has popped up online, courtesy of YouTube channel Looper. The channel is dedicated to highlighting Easter eggs, movie mistakes, and even the best deleted scenes from movies. They upload new videos every weekday, which adds up to a lot of fun and entertaining content.

Check out the video above and learn more about Sal’s tattoos, Q’s love life, or even what Murray’s up to when he isn’t in front of the camera.

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