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Staten Islander Fighting To Keep Her Pet Pig ‘Wilbur’

While most people keep dogs, cats, or even fish as pets, Staten Islander Cristy Matteo decided to pave her own way with her pet pig, Wilbur. The pig acts as both a loving companion, as well as a registered service animal who helps both Cristy and her father fight a battle against cancer.

That isn’t the only fight Cristy is fighting, as she is currently in a battle to keep Wilbur. After someone complained to the city about Wilbur, Matteo won a court battle to be able to keep him but the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, unfortunately, overturned that decision.

Currently, state assemblyman Tony Avella is attempting to push a bill that would legalize pigs as pets and if it isn’t passed by the end of the month, Matteo will lose Wilbur to another home in North Carolina.

Watch CBS’s coverage of Cristy Matteo and Wilbur above!

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