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Scott Lobaido’s TrashNet Experiment Aims To Clean Up Staten Island


Too many of us have seen the garbage piling up on the sides of Staten Island’s roadways. People driving by and slyly throwing their trash out of the window and onto our streets. That’s where the TrashNet comes in.

Created by local artist Scott LoBaido in partnership with the Department of Sanitation, the TrashNet is essentially a net on the top of select public trash cans that is meant to catch garbage thrown at it from cars.

The thinking is that instead of just dumping trash on the road, people will see the specialty cans and opt to go for a three-pointer from their window. But as you can see in the report below by Columbia University’s Gabriela Milian.

So what do you think? Is the TrashNet a good idea? Think Staten Islanders will opt to chuck their garbage into the net or continue to let it fall where it may?

Vin Forte
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Vin Forte

Vin Forte is a writer. He also hosts the 'Any Time with Vin Forte' podcast. He is currently working on an anthology of short stories due out later this year.
Vin Forte
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