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Gallery: In The Wings’ Beauty and the Beast at Snug Harbor Cultural Center

In The Wings' Beauty and the Beast at Snug Harbor Cultural Center
I had the privilege of seeing Beauty and the Beast at Snug Harbor Cultural Center this past weekend. In The Wings Productions produced a majestic show. I think the best way to describe this spectacle is to say that it was a “Soup to Nuts” production. It did not lack in any arena.

The notable and talented Joseph Lento directed the show, while Michael Pinto composed the fabulously crafted and well orchestrated music. May I add that the performance of”Human Again” was a particularly enjoyable component of the show. It had me think about times in life when we all lose touch with ourselves and those around us. Yet, it is always in our favor to become “human again”.

Lumiere was played by my very own teaching assistant, James McKeon, and his performance was unsurpassed. James’ vocal contribution was hilarious and whimsical. I was also impressed with the performances of Belle (Maria Elena Rumor), her beauty emanated in her fluid and smooth movements.  Mrs. Potts (Jenny Kelly) and Gaston (Craig Kwasnicki) were also animated, relatable and thoughtfully crafted characters that added to the show’s spunk. There was not one performance that was lacking.

The costumes were ornate and intricate; they added to the already warm and saturated baroque setting. The set design created a world within a world. The colors and placement of the props immediately drew all the spectators in and wanting more. The show has ended its run, but I hope the photo gallery will help you appreciate this wonderful masterpiece. Please view Snug Harbor’s website to view more shows to come.

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Kristin Pitanza

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Kristin Pitanza
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