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Edgewater Hall, Staten Island’s Hottest Film Location

Staten Island Film Location | Edgewater Hall

For the past 5 years, location scouts working on projects ranging from music videos to full length feature films have been reaching out to Ettore Mazzei owner of the historic Edgewater Hall. You might recognize the building as one of the comedy clubs featured in Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me.

Edgewater Hall is a Staten Island landmark that boasts a rich history. Built in 1876, Edgewater Hall is located at 691 Bay Street. The beautiful Staten Island catering hall was built as the original location of Staten Island Savings Bank and was later used as a speakeasy frequented by the Vanderbilts and Barrymores during the Prohibition Era.

To Learn more about Edgewater Hall as a shooting location, you can visit Staten Island Film Locations.

Here’s a gallery of the building, shot by Tompkinsville based Black Paw Photography:


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