Majors Records Serves Up Vinyls, Video, and Classic Staten Island Warmth

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Majors Records – A Staten Island Staple

I recently purchased a record player and since then I have discovered the wonderfully versatile Major Records & Video on Forest Avenue and Barrett Street. The location use to house Barrett Book Trader. They were a retailer that would allow you to trade five of your books for ten or more used books. Growing up in Staten Island, I was bred on Forest Avenue brick and mortars that sold novelties like video tapes, records, used books, Laser Discs, DVDs and other media that was the fad of the time.

These stores had a very specific warmth that only Staten Islanders could appreciate. The working class milieu that frequented, the stench of cigarettes, the random regulars that would linger and loiter within the store and of course the highly knowledgeable shop keep. These places came and went, and when I say went; I mean I thought they were gone for good. Especially when large retailers like Best Buy came around with their super cheap media sales.

Yet, I have to say that Major Records has brought back a moment in time for me. They offer a variety of records that are both new and old at extremely reasonable prices. Their collection is large and interesting. I could spend at least twenty minutes in there every time I go. Some of the used records range anywhere from $1 – $4 a piece. I haven’t encountered any scratched ones yet. They also buy and sell used records, DVDs and books if you’re interested. Check it out and if you haven’t done so already, buy yourself a record player and get some vinyls at Majors!!

Majors Records | 12 Barrett Avenue, Staten Island NY 10302 [map] | 718-442-3462 | website

*Located between Telco and Michael’s (3 Doors off Forest Avenue) Formerly of the Pathmark Forest Avenue Shopping Center for 35 Years

Kristin Pitanza

Written By Kristin Pitanza

Kristin Pitanza is an adjunct lecturer at the College of Staten Island and Saint John’s University in which she teaches writing and education. Her dedication lies with her writing and her students. She facilitates a program through Saint John’s University titled $30,000 degrees in which she helps high school students achieve a four year college career path. She is a native Staten Islander and likes writing about her hometown. Kristin also takes a large interest in adolescent development and literacy while helping students develop writing skills through the scaffolding of grammar to written text. She has helped develop department wide curriculum for her writing courses at the college. She has a Masters Degree from the Teachers College at Columbia University.

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