Artist Spotlight: Staten Island Editor, Mark Scherel, Talks Springsteen & Has a Sizzling New Editing Reel

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Art on Bay, Film on Bay

Staten Island filmmaker and video editor, Mark Scherel, posted a new editing reel to Vimeo earlier this week. Scherel, who has collaborated with Staten Island’s Monstar Films, Backslash Bomb Productions, and (my company) NB Technologies on film shoots, but he’s by no means just a local talent. This Way on Bay reached out to Mark to find out about some of his recent work and about working in the medium of video in general.

“I would say I’m most proud of working as Assistant Online Editor on the the new Bruce Springsteen doc “The Ties That Bind” where I did the photo restoration,” Explained Scherel. “Tom Zimney, the director, had great things to say about the restoration since the doc relied heavily on archival photos and footage.”

Mark has also worked on a number of music videos in the hip-hop world, as well. He explained, “Being a hip hop fan working with on Raekwon, Flatbush Zombies, and Sean Price music videos are up there for me personally.”

What’s next for the young artist? A website and more video projects are in his immediate plans. Mostly, you can expect more storytelling from Mark, because as he put it, “I enjoy the creative process of editing and storytelling.”

You can find his work on Vimeo, here

Christopher Olivieri

Written By Christopher Olivieri

Chris is a communications professional with a passion for pop culture, media, and all things creative. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a specialization in Media Studies and has experience in running a pop-culture website, freelance writing, coaching, and speaking engagements. He has worked behind the scenes on music albums and co-founded a boutique web design and marketing firm. He is also an amateur photographer and musician. He is always looking for the next exciting project to dive into.

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