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The New Giga Herbs Music Video Shows What Coffee Can Really Do To You

The new music video from Staten Island’s Giga Herbs, takes a trip to Forest Avenue’s Beans & Leaves cafe and then into space. How does that happen? The short answer is because of coffee. It’s really more complicated than that. Watch “Bean” above and take the journey with them.

Those not familiar with the Giga Herbs can learn more about the band on their Facebook page, where they describe themselves as follows: “Nestled in between thoughts that manifest themselves into songs about forlorn goddesses of the information age and magical dragons powering a local ferryboat. Mystical, middle-earth, space rock inside your computer would be the best summation.”

The clip for “bean” was directed by Impractical Jokers camera op, Geoff Celis, who recently dropped an online only version of his short film “Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others.”

Stream “Mad Deep” by the Giga Herbs on Bandcamp, here.

Subscribe to the Giga Herbs on YouTube, here.

Subscribe to Geoff Celis on Vimeo, here.

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