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Staten Island’s Dog and Pony Show Whips Up Some Ghostbusters Cocktails

Photo by David Giordano
Photo by David Giordano

With the release of the much-anticipated reboot of the 1980’s classic Ghostbusters in theaters, there have been a ton of internet content from online creators jumping on the bandwagon. Staten Island’s internet superheroes, Dog and Pony Show, were sure to join the party. One of the many tie-ins to the summer blockbuster was the re-release of a fan-favorite drink. Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler flavor, which was discontinued in 2001, has been resurrected. DAPS decided to take this classic from their childhood, and give it an adult twist by creating a series of cocktails with the drink as the main ingredient.

Last week, the web collective visited Parker’s Sports Bar on Lincoln avenue and shot a series of 6 short videos that teach viewers exactly how to make their concoctions. Take a look how to make the “Tequila Slimerise,” below:

Watch the entire series of six drink recipe videos, here

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